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2016-17 Companies

Congratulations to all our new company dancers! The 2016-17 year will be better than ever! Our teachers are already thinking about you and choreographing your dances! We hope to see you all at our summer events!

Things to Know:

  1. To confirm your placement on an eMotion company, turn in your registration form with the $25 fee by June 30th.
  2. In order to help each dancer progress most and to learn at their own level, dancers will be placed in ballet levels during ballet boot-camp. Ballet levels will not be strictly by company and there will be opportunity for dancers who are progressing quickly to move up a level in ballet during the year.
  3. Although the dancers who have tried out so far have been placed in a company, it is possible that changes will be made after the July 14th audition because of numbers and the need to add dancers.
  4. Click here to learn about the different levels of companies.
  5. If you have concerns about your placement, we welcome you to discuss those with us. We will be watching dancers over the summer to make sure they are in the best place. The happiness of each dancer has been taken into consideration. It is important to feel capable, challenged, and be qualified to take a turn in the limelight.
  6. Please contact us immediately if you tried out and your name was mistakenly left off the list.

If you were unable to come to the first audition but would like the opportunity to dance with eMotion, we would love to talk with you about our studio and how we can help prepare you for auditions in July. Call Melanie 801.884.7464!

Pre-Professional Company

Audrey Allen
Melina Hanson
Brynne Koch
Eleanor Ruegner


“the highest point”

accelerated program

Eleanor Ruegner
Audrey Allen
Melina Hanson
Brynne Koch
Heather Jensen
Aybra Cox
Avery Eliason
Rachel Medina
Darby Richards
Cara Wilkey
Claire Brooks
Jessica Olsen


“electric intensity”

accelerated program

Alexandra Laris
Kara Mcelreath
Natalie DeGering
Kaylie Dibble
Karley Robinson
Quincey Neilson
Carlie Davis
Kylie Riddle
Peyton Strong
Taylor McCleary
Abby McCleary
Halle Carn
London Guth
Lindsay Coonradt
Grace Bjerregaard
Emma Heidelberger


“strength and vigor”

accelerated program

Ashlyn Galbraith
Siena Mascaro
Megan Allen
Ellanie Jake
Emily Swain
Briley Peterson
Lauryn Thomas
Leland Krallis
Hannah Nielson
Kamriyn Young
Ashlyn Smith
Jane Brooks
Sarah Hodnett


“quickness of motion”

competitive program

Tylar Ashby
Annallett Garcia
Alexis Excell
Hannah Riddle
Meagan Robledo-Dunn
Jocelyn Hopkins
Emily LaBonty
Maren Kowallis
Tallie Ness
Tayci Hoskins
Bella Nielson
Shaneen Reed
Sady Southwick
Rachel Oldroyd
Savannah Carter
Natalie Shepherd
Hailey Jex


“a stunning view”

competitive program

Sara Robinson
Averie Oliverson
Halle Hudson
Alisa Allen
Addison Strelich
Sadie Mellenthin
Ellie McCleary
Audrey Shepard
Chloee Walker
Savanna Lorenzen
Ariana Chumenchenko
Abby Homer
Ava Dawes
Tayler Beus
Lauren Jacobs
Aubrey Jex


“clarity and brightness”

competitive program

Lacey Tolman
Ava Jeppsen
Preslee Green
Lucy Tillman
Macey King
Sadie Ballard
Alivia Terry
Linnea Evans
Sophia Thorup
Ella Corpuz
Ella Miller
Sadie Sitake
Logan Stanley


“bravo and high acclaim”

competitive program

Maya Spencer
Carly Workman
Olivia Moll
Abby Nielsen
Allie Huang
Rebecca Glazier
Kaylinn Dawes
Baylen McDonald
Kambree Orton
Payton Peterson
Mollie Wright
Danna Flores


“a beautiful or pleasing sight”

motivated program

Sammi Ballard
Isabella Ferguson
Briana Schierlman
Jennifer Stromberg
Shay Minoughan
Meadow Lee
Averie Doyle
Lauren Dunn
Julia Roller
Cami Bates
Jahaira Gonzales
Emmie Curtis
Gracey Gilas
Abby Thurber
Paige Weiler
Daphne Martin


“bright and lively”

motivated program

Payton Manukyan
Paige Oliverson
Maura Hopkins
Lily Martinez
Presley Giles
Sophie Ballard
Holly Spear
Laila Farrington
Zoe Waters
Kate Sharp


“a daring journey”

motivated program

Violette-Reine Evans
Autumn Mascaro
Maryn Barnes
Maxine Gibson
Teagan Zvekan
Colbie Cutler
Mckenzie Pike
Alyssa Tillotson
Annie Arvidson

Congratulations to our 2016-17 companies!

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