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Utah Dance Fest Results

April 20, 2013

In the history of competitions, we have never seen anyone get a standing ovation from the judges. Vikings knocked their socks off! Besides that, we won 6 overall awards!


Ain't Nothing Wrong: Gold
Unbreakable Heart: High Silver


Make It Rain: Gold, 2nd Runner Up Mini Novice Overall High Point!
California Girls: Gold
Bumblebees: High Gold, 2nd Runner Up Mini Intermediate Overall High Point!


Vikings: High Gold, Grand Champion Overall High Point!
Fix You: Gold


DJs: Gold
Puppet Motel: Platinum, Overall Best Contemporary Team!
Study Hall: High Gold


Slumber Party: Silver
No More Empty Chairs: High Silver


Phantom of the Opera: Gold
Paradise Circus: Gold
Brass Monkey: High Silver


Shake It Out: High Silver
Requiem For A Dream: High Silver
Brass Monkey: High Silver


Drums: High Gold, 5th Runner Up Teen Advanced Overall High Point!
Rich Girl: Gold
Higher Love: High Gold, Judge's Choice Best Team Technique!
Where The Wild Things Are: Silver

Aspire Dance Pro Results

April 13, 2013

This was our first competition of the year and eMotion was a smash hit! Can you believe 4 overalls?!


Ain't Nothing Wrong: Ruby
Unbreakable Heart: Ruby - 1st Place
Fireball: Ruby


Make It Rain: Diamond - 1st Place
California Girls: Diamond - 1st Place
Bumblebees: Diamond


Vikings: Diamond - 1st Place, Junior Overall Grand Champions!
Fix You: Diamond - 1st Place
Monsters: Diamond - 1st Place, Judge's Choice Favorite Dance of the Day!


DJs: Ruby - 1st Place
Puppet Motel: Ruby
Study Hall: Ruby
Flamenco: Ruby


Slumber Party: Ruby - 1st Place
No More Empty Chairs: Diamond - 1st Place, Teen Amateur Overall Grand Champions!
Run The World: Diamond - 1st Place


Shake It Out: Sapphire
Requiem For A Dream: Sapphire
Brass Monkey: Diamond - 1st Place, Teen Intermediate Overall Grand Champions!
Flamenco: Ruby


Phantom of the Opera: Ruby
Paradise Circus: Diamond - 1st Place
Brass Monkey: Diamond - 1st Place, Teen Intermediate Overall Grand Champions!
Flamenco: Ruby


Drums: Ruby
Rich Girl: Ruby
Higher Love: Diamond - 1st Place
Where The Wild Things Are: Ruby
Flamenco: Ruby

March Newsletter

Dear Parents and Dancers,

We are so excited that our big performance season has arrived. This is why we dance... to get on stage and entertain! It is going to be fun for everyone to cheer our dancers. They have worked hard and we are so excited to show you all they have been learning.

Our teachers are wonderful and so creative. It is always such a big surprise to see the new dances. Come this Saturday to all of it and bring your friends and family. They will love it.

Thanks for all your support!

Lots of love, Julie Brown

February Newsletter

Dear Parents and Dancers,

I hope you are all enjoying your year at eMotion. It is our desire to maintain a happy atmosphere while running quality programs in every genre. Our teachers are professional and highly motivated to be effective instructors. I hope you have noticed! We welcome your input. Compliments or concerns, we love to know what you are thinking.

We love our dancers and are so pleased with their dedication and positive attitudes. It is such a joy to all of us to associate with such wonderful families. We have lots of exciting adventures ahead and look forward to sharing them with you.

Lots of love, Julie Brown

November Newsletter

Dear Parents and Dancers,

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The studio is filled with happy holiday tunes and costumes. The dancers are excited for their first performance and eager to have an audience. This concert is short and sweet and not as technical as our other concerts, but always delightful nevertheless. It is always valuable for dancers to have the experience to perform on stage. eMotion continues to be a happy place for our dancers where they are making special friends and gaining self esteem. We are committed to giving them the very best instruction possible with our exceptional instructors. Thank you for being a part of the eMotion Family.

Lots of love, Julie Brown 801.884.7464

October Newsletter

Dear Parents and Dancers,

We are well underway now and the dancers are already feeling the excite- ment of our upcoming Christmas con- cert and competitions. The teachers are using every minute to teach cho- reography so we ask our dancers to attend every class. We are so lucky to have teachers who start early and are serious about helping our dancers look their best. Be on time and be there ev- ery time! That is how we get the most out of dance!

Let’s have fun and achieve our best!

Lots of love, Julie Brown

September Newsletter

Dear Parents and Dancers,

Welcome back to eMotion! Our company dancers have been working hard already and we have seen some great things happening. Now it is time to welcome all our dancers back for an exciting new year of dance. Our 8 genre directors have been working hard this summer to prepare an unprecedented curriculum in every dance style! Now we not only have the best instructors in town… we also have the best and most systematic program for training dancers. No doubt about it- eMotion is better than ever! Every year we take a close look at where we are and how we can improve. As always, our dancers and their progress is our highest concern… And having fun all along the way is always our goal. We are so happy you are all here to share this memorable journey together. Here we go!!

Lots of love, Julie Brown

Dancing on Good Things Utah

Our Voyage company performed on Good Things Utah this morning! They did a fabulous job, even in such a small space! If you missed it you can watch it here!

Good Things Utah Contest

Good Things Utah viewers: Like us on Facebook and leave a comment telling us why your child wants to dance and you can win 3 months of FREE DANCE CLASSES! Also get a 50% off coupon on Facebook for our Summer Dance Intensive! Read about the fabulous guest instructors and sign-up now!

Aren't they adorable!

6 Summer Dance Programs

We miss you already. We hope you are having a fun summer! We want to remind you of the great dance events that you will not want to miss! Sign-up conveniently and get all the details on our website. This summer we offer you the best, most-exciting dance adventures yet!

      Tap Clinic

      Recommended for all dancers interested in learning to tap dance, especially competitive and accelerated dancers, as tap technique will be part of the fall schedule. More Info

      4th of July Parade

      Newsflash! We have been invited to participate in the Sandy City parade on Wed. July 4th, 6:00 PM. This will be a fun way to celebrate the holiday with your friends at eMotion. Learn an online dance routine, wear a brand new eMotion shirt and wave to your family as you star in one of Utah's best parades. We need an RSVP to this event ASAP so we can plan who will be riding along, dancing along, throwing candy and carrying the banner. We are going to have a blast! Wanted: large trailer or truck to haul little waving dancers! More Info

      Summer Dance Intensive/2nd-Chance Try-Outs

      Sign up right away so we can order your t-shirt! July 10-13 More Info

      Ballroom Camp - July 16-18

      Recommended for accelerated dancers. More Info

      Church Performing Group

      You may have missed this on the bottom of your try-out form but it is not too late! Email us if you are going to be 12 by Feb 2013, in the accelerated program, and want to be considered. We are waiting to hear from you with vacation dates, so we can plan rehearsals. More Info

      Let's Dance Utah

      Read all about it! We recommend this to all competitive and accelerated dancers. More Info
Keep stretching and we hope to see you real soon!

New Companies!

Congratulations to our new 2012-2013 Company members!

Dear Dancers and Parents,

Congratulations to each of you for making a company at eMotion! We are so thrilled about our plans for you in the coming year and want you to know that we are going to work you hard! Don’t worry… It is going to be fun too! We are serious about your futures as dancers and are working daily on our new curriculum to be sure you get the most out of every minute of dance and that ambitious goals are in place. Please stretch out every single day and stay active so you are ready to go into August with gusto! This is our technique month and it is mandatory, as we will start choreography in some classes on the first class in September. If you are planning a vacation in August and cannot change it… we will double up your classes over 2 weeks instead of 4.

We realize that change can sometimes be hard and at first discouraging, but many dancers who were upset in the beginning of last year found that they were actually in a company that really pushed them and they had a great experience.

It is true though, that in a few cases each year, we decide to make changes at the end of technique month. Please let us know if you feel you are a dancer we really need to watch carefully during those weeks. We want everyone to get as much out of this coming year as possible.

We are so excited for each of you and the new friends and experiences you will have.

Lots of Love,
Julie and Melanie

Things to Know

  • We need your registration fee by June 29th to hold your place in your company. (We are happy to run your credit card if you email us. Otherwise send $25 and a registration form to Julie Brown.
    9961 S. Eden Crest Rd.
    South Jordan, Utah 84095
  • We recommend all accelerated and competitive dancers attend Bonnie Story’s convention on August 9-10. See the community events page.
  • Dance begins August 6th for technique month and regular classes on September 4th.
  • Both schedules will be posted on the website on July 13th
  • Sometimes we can schedule around carpools with dancers in 2 different companies. Please let us know if you would like us to try.
  • Dance Camp is July 10-13 with an amazing faculty. Don’t miss it!
  • Tap Workshop
    June 25-27
    Recommended for all competitive and accelerated dancers, as tap technique will be part of the fall schedule. (More info soon)
  • Ballroom Camp
    July 16-18
    Recommended for accelerated dancers. No partner necessary (More info soon)
  • Competitive plus means that your required classes will be 2 days a week, but we will have a 3rd day schedule for those who would like a bigger push next year.
  • If you are in the Motivated program, we encourage you to take other classes such as tap & tumbling. There will also be extra technique classes available for those who
    want more.
  • For those of you who are in the church performance group, please email us your vacation schedule and other obligations by this weekend so we can schedule rehearsals. We will then send out a rehearsal schedule and other details. (There may be dancers who did not notice that this was on the try-out checklist. email Julie immediately if you wanted to participate, but missed it
  • Let your friends know that we will be having a make up tryout after dance camp on July 13th.
  • If you are with dancers that you are with this year, it does not mean you did not move up. You just moved up at the same pace as other dancers.
  • Companies are not listed in order according to level.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call Julie. 801.884.7464

View New Companies!


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