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For dancers who really want to excell in a customized program that keeps them continually progressing, joining one of eMotion's companies is the perfect thing. With three levels of companies to choose from, any dancer can achieve their dance goals and dreams whether it is to dance in high school on dance company, win a dance scholarship in college or become a professional dancer.

Accelerated Program

A dancer in the accelerated program is one who loves to dance and can't get enough! We provide these dancers all they need to eventually pursue a professional career in dance or try-out for college dance scholarships. Intense training in seven genres, using a curriculum that is compiled by an expert in each style, ensures dancers that they are being trained in a comprehensive manner. These dancers are prepared to experience a more advanced approach to dance focused on performance, style and body control. Emphasis on technique and style is the focus of ballet, jazz, modern, and contemporary movement. In order to be competitive in the dance industry, tap, tumbling, ballroom and hip hop skills are all a part of the accelerated program.

Dancers who are advanced for their age groups and who are willing to dance three days a week are encouraged to consider the accelerated program. Dancers will be invited to attend a three, possibly four, competitions and attend a convention. The accelerated program prepares dancers for three studio concerts and invitations to dance at community events.

Competitive Program

Dancers who are in the competitive program want to push themselves to excellence and compete at a high level of achievement. Technique is the emphasis in ballet, jazz, modern and contemporary. Dancers become well-rounded with hip hop and tap technique as part of their curriculum. These dancers will be well-prepared to try-out for high school dance company, drill team or cheerleaders. Because of strong preparation in dance composition, dancers in the competitive program are prepared to be choreographers and leaders in high school as well as contend for dance sterling scholars. Many may choose to major in dance on a university level or become dance teachers in the studio environment

Competitive dancers are encouraged to enrich their dance experience with extra classes in ballroom, tumbling and hip hop choreography. Competitive program prepares dancers for three competitions and three studio concerts while dance twice a week.

Motivated Program

For dancers who are excited to move from a recreational interest in dance to a more step-by-step approach, the motivated program will take them to the next level. Technique and choreography in ballet, modern and jazz will provide a foundation of skills to build on and three performing opportunities each year. These dancers are also invited to one competition.

The motivated program prepares dancers for at least one competition, three studio performances and demands one day a week. It is encouraged that motivated dancers take extra classes to prepare for the next level. Tumbling, tap and hip hop classes will expand dancers abilities.

Enrichment Program

The enrichment dancer takes one or two open classes a week such as tumbling, hip hop, tap or ballet for skill and enjoyment. Enrichment dancers perform in up to two studio concerts.

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