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Aspire Dance Pro

Cottonwood High School, 5715 S 1300 E

May 5-6

Free Admission

Bring your costume bin with all the shoes, tights and props that you need. Double check your costume list to make sure you aren't missing anything! Come with your hair and make-up done. Don't forget bobby pins, safety pins and any hair supplies you will need. Be at the school 90 minutes before your first dance. If you have a break and leave the competition, be back again 90 minutes before your next dance. Wear eMotion gear, purple or green and cheer for all our other dances!

Friday, May 5th

Audrey, Brynne, EleanorAuditorium4:16 PM
Avery EliasonAuditorium 4:46 PM
Leland, SienaGymnasium 4:54 PM
Rachel MedinaAuditorium 5:26 PM
Alisa AllenGymnasium 5:35 PM
Chloee WalkerGymnasium 5:38 PM

First Awards & Duet High Points


6:00-6:40 PM

Savanna Lorenzen ContempGymnasium 6:42 PM
Emmie CurtisGymnasium 6:53 PM
Savanna Lorenzen JazzGymnasium 8:32 PM
Lindzey CoonradtAuditorium 8:43 PM
Brynne KochAuditorium 8:52 PM
Kara McElreathAuditorium 8:54 PM
Jennifer StrombergGymnasium 8:56 PM
Megan AllenGymnasium 9:03 PM
Jillian MellenthinAuditorium 9:08 PM
Audrey AllenAuditorium 9:24 PM
Isabella FergusonGymnasium 9:33 PM
Eleanor RuegnerAuditorium 9:58 PM
Jessica OlsenAuditorium 10:12 PM

Final Awards & Solo High Points


10:30 PM

Saturday, May 6th

*Times are approximate. The competition may run ahead of schedule.
Vitality Contemporary Light A Fire 9:30 AMAuditorium
Viva Jazz Big Dollhouse 9:51 AMAuditorium
Venture Jazz Bathing Beauties 10:07 AMAuditorium
Vitality Jazz Dancing With Myself 10:16 AMAuditorium
Vista/Vitality Hip Hop Hair Up 11:13 AMAuditorium
Viva Contemporary Voyager 11:22 AMAuditorium
Vibrance/Viva Jazz Chantilly Lace 11:44 AMAuditorium

First Awards, Mini High Points

12:30-1:00 PM


Master Class: Venture, Vibrance, Viva, Vivid, Vista

1:00-2:00 PM


Velocity Hip Hop Rock This Dance 1:20 PMAuditorium
Vision Jazz Trust 2:29 PMAuditorium
Vivid Hip Hop Tea Party 3:25 PMAuditorium

Master Class: Vitality, Vision, Velocity, Soloists

3:30-4:30 PM


Vista Contemporary Up To The Mountain 3:50 PMAuditorium
Vivid Contemporary When You Believe 3:53 PMAuditorium
Vivid Jazz River Deep Mountain High 4:49 PMAuditorium
Vista Jazz Rise 5:05 PMAuditorium

Second Awards, Junior High Points

6:20-6:50 PM


Velocity Contemporary Zombie 7:30 PMAuditorium
Velocity Jazz Total Eclipse Of The Heart 8:09 PMAuditorium

Final Awards, Teen High Points

10:10 PM


Free Admission

Solo, Duet & Trio Competition: Friday, April 24th

Register online or by mail before January 31st for $4 discount.

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