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Ashlee Vilos

Contemporary & Hip Hop

Ashlee Vilos started dancing at the age of three and has not stopped. She is a dancer, teacher, choreographer, and director. Coming from a line of dancers, it was almost inevitable that she would continue the tradition. At the age of 12, her mom opened up a dance studio in her family’s basement and called it Applause Dance Theatre. She trained there, alongside her two sisters. There she learned to instruct, choreograph, and often assisted classes before she was old enough to teach. Dance studios have always felt like home to her.

At the age of 16 she had a traumatic experience and was so emotionally drained, she decided not to attend her dance class the next morning. Instead, she ended up starting the class for her teacher, who was running late. She remembers feeling terrible until she started moving. The second she connected her movement with the music, she felt instant relief. At that moment she knew dance had a healing power that she did not understand, but could not get enough of.

After graduating from High School, she moved to L.A. to further her dance education and work as a performer. There she trained at Edge Performing Arts, Conjunctive Points, and Millennium Dance under the instruction of Wade Robson, David Norwood, Eddie Garcia, Puppet Master, Laura Fremont, the LA Breakers, and Marlon in Hollywood, California. There, she discovered her love for the hip hop culture and the movement that it inspires. She loves adding the freestyle element and hip hop based movement to her more traditional background in tap, jazz, ballet, and modern. While in L.A. she was fortunate to be a part of the Michael Jackson Tribute concert, in which Michael was in attendance. Cast into Global Warning Hip Hop Dance Company, she performed at the B.B. King theatre at Universal Studios. She has been a featured dancer on the “Source” Hip Hop Honors television and awards show with Wu-Tang and Trina. Her last show in L.A. was a hip hop elements show called “Homeslice” where she performed with “Puppet Master,” “Elsewhere,” “Kujo,” “Fresh” and “Freeze” from the LA Breakers and Marlon from Havikoro.

Moving back to Utah she started her company, Transfusion Hype, but was pulled away to Las Vegas for a job working with Olympic bound gymnasts at Gymcats. There she trained gymnasts and contortionists in ballet, jazz, hip hop, and break dancing.

She soon moved back to Utah and re-started her company, Transfusion Hype, and has been teaching, choreographing, and performing ever since. Inspired to take the choreography to a whole new level, she and her company have been working with local artists to showcase their hair, makeup, costumes, and artwork talents that can be added to the art of dance. Through these film projects, her love for cinematography, music and dance has taken a life of its own. Together with her company, they have filmed 3 fan inspired music video entitled, “Sail,” “Clutter,” and their most recent, “Bharat.” They work alongside their visual artists creating photos, video, and documentaries of their projects. Their videos have a positive message and often play off of life’s challenges and barrier’s. She loves creating in nature and showcasing the beauty Utah possesses. Ashlee believes that dance can inspire, and from life experience, knows the importance dance can play in one’s healing process. She will continue to create works coming from the heart and can be expected to bring beautiful things to the art community.

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