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Arianna Brunell


Arianna has trained in various genres of dance since a young age. She has trained in a competitive environment with Joey Tarwater and certain workshops with Sonya Tayeh, Dee Caspary, and Justin Giles. Arianna attended BYU and was given the opportunity to tour to India and Colorado with Contemporary Dance Theatre. At BYU, she was able to work with Donald Mckayal, Diavolo members Jenn and Omar Hoffman, and dance film directors. Arianna is currently performing with SALT Contemporary Dance and working with/learning from well known choreographers around the world. Arianna loves teaching and believes that every dancer has a unique voice inside of them that should be explored. Her aspiration in life is to inspire and help others through dance. Performing and teaching is Arianna's passion, and she hopes to help each student and audience member find their own passion within.