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What We Believe

Your child will shine as they grow in our unique program offering comprehensive training with our tried and true dance curriculum. eMotion is known for developing passionate and versatile artists who take the spotlight in dance and in life! The self-discipline, confidence, self-esteem and goal-oriented experience they have at eMotion will help your child become the best version of his or herself.

What sets eMotion Dance apart in our community is our commitment to providing each child with the best possible dance experience. The finest dance instructors in the industry, a wholesome environment, featuring modest costumes and appropriate moves and music, and a top notch plan to create well-rounded, technically proficient dancers is why we are the best choice for your dancer.

Happy Parents and Dancers

  • eMotion dance is such a wonderful studio! It is a such a great environment and every teacher cares for the success of each individual dancer. If you're looking for a studio with great prices, amazing teachers, and and a happy environment that encourages hard work and growth, this is it!!!

    Carrie LaBonte Carrie LaBonte
  • I can't think of a single bad thing to say about this dance studio! I am grateful that I have found a dance studio for my girls that is very affordable but also reputable, professional, educational and fun! When it comes to recital time, you get to rent the professional looking costume, rather than buying a costume you will never use again. Thank you eMotion for being so wonderful!

    Charlene Young Charlene Young
  • We love eMotion dance for their amazing teachers, amazing dancers, amazing friendships! My girls have spent hours and hours dancing their hearts out here for years. They are loved by each and every teacher who work hard to make my daughter feel special. The girls at emotion are part of a family & treat each other like sisters. We feel lucky to have found a studio like eMotion where our girls are taught brilliant technique while building their confidence! Check them out! It is truly a wonderful place for my daughter to grow up doing what she loves. #devotiontoemotion

    Bree Strong Bree Strong

eMotion Dance

9119 S Monroe Plaza Way
Sandy, UT 84070

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